3D Scanning Service

Walk Through

Anyone can open the Point Cloud Data with a free software, and it is easy to use. The Data can also be used for any types of business scenes such as Manufacturing machine product’s maker, your suppliers’ company and the last but not least it could help your meeting with the parent company.

Precise Information

Point Cloud Data is usually considered as “±2mm” of the actual between the Data. Whenever you needed the detail of the area, now that you might not need to hire someone to do so.And now that by using REVIT, you can create CAD Data at any time.

Create Document

Creating documents is much easier than ever. You can now Screenshot the area you like to use it for your documentation works, and it is easy to convert the types of the file into whatever you like.

3D Modeling Service

3D Modeling Service

Create Layout

By creating 3D model, not only diagram floor layout plan, but also diagram cross- section layout plan and detailed view layout plan could be made at the same time. This as a matter of fact, our clients can reduce the time and cut the manpower for those making each layout plan.

Make Presentation Movie

3D Model can also be applied to creating Movie Clip. (Optional Service)A look of a buildings from outside, utility systems, and/or construction work progress…etc. This surely ease your work when explaining the Project to someone

HVAC Simulation

3D Model can apply to HVAC Simulation (Optional Service)By contemplating theinstallment of equipment machines beforehand. Our clients can expect to cut the cost of Utility bills dramatically