Providing a safety environment that protect medical person from droplet infection and allows them to be examined safely.

"This Product will be gotten a grant-in-aid from Ministry of Health in Japan from Jun 2020 Onward"




Source from Sendai Medical Center

Shut off "instantaneous infection 'from sneezing and coughing by vinyl curtain and airflow curtain"

Clean booth for medical Barrihood & Barriflow

Hepa filter will be removed particle or Virus from dirty enviroment and protect medical person 

( Japan Patent No. 5325007, July 2009) 

Protect By Visualization Barrier ! 

Be with Barriflow & Barrihood
Create Your Safe and Health Enviroment

These products Barriflow & Barrihood are very effective to protect the medical staff who is on duty and in charge of surgical patients in rows or in a situation such as an influenza pandemic. If you have any inquiry for this product, pls feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide something that you need for your health environment.

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