Virtual reality system


VR  stands for Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality  is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.

It’s translated as “Artificial Reality” or “Virtual Reality”.

It means that the user can get real experience through VR instead of viewing from a computer screen. 

Generally, Takasago Thermal Engineering used to create object in a 3D environment using CAD software and Building Information Modeling (BIM). While we have been exploring the use of VR technology and we find the best way to provide project owners to easily see into the future, and to understand and explore a new building before it becomes complete. 

Nowadays, modelling software and VR technology can combine and replace the real world with a simulated one in 3D.  By Using VR headset, it can make the user feel as if they are standing in the 3D building design.

In this way, clients can find their object and they can check everything in 3D Design reach their expectation or not. On the other hand, we can provide what they actually need and want.

Benefits of using VR System

Save time and money.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Cost of facilities Management and operation

Fix Problem Before they occur

Better Training and Safety

Reduce on Site Visit

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