Accessible Data

Real-Time Data Analysis

Malfunction Prevention

Effective Time Management

  • There are 8 sensors that are considered vital for HVAC system, these sensors will be connected to HVAC Systems. The sensors are determined to provide information and data on Temperature, Humidity, Energy consumption, Pressure, Air flow, Water flow, Particle or Dust, and power activity.

Easy to use UI (3D Dashboard)

Combining the dashboard with 3D Scan provided by Thai Takasago, you can run through the HVAC system conveniently with easy-to-luse dashboard, you will know immidiately when there is a malfuntion occurred in each room by clicking on the alert icon of the installed rooms. 


All data Collected from HVAC system are linked together. Sharing data has never been this easy, no matter where you are monitoring the HVAC system, you can access the data wirelessly and seamlessly. 

  • Operate

Stability of the operation is what we exclusively take into account . Making the operation stable is what makes the factory seamlessly and effectively operate.


Normally the data are collected and Monitored by Human which observation that is operated by Human Sometimes could possibly cause Human Error. To Eliminate this issue monitoring by LOMA System could Bring the factory more advantages. 


We analyze the outcome of data we received and we predict what could result in the future. 

We also PREVENT the possible activity that could negatively affect your HVAC system, by doing so preventing the possible malfunctions could help the factory in so many positive ways. 


LOMA (Link, Operate, Monitor and Analyze) is an IoT system designed to utilize the HVAC system, to make the system function effectively by connecting HVAC system functions such as temperature, pressure, humidity and power consumption through our specialized Sensors, sensors will later transfer the activities to Nodes subsequently Nodes also deliver the information to our Gateways and we will receive the Data and view on the LOMA Dashboard. LOMA also monitors your system and identifies when there is a malfunction occurring in the system. After LOMA analyze some of the data frequently, LOMA will be able to predict future occurrence and prevent the malfunction from happening.

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